Team Building Activities that Build Teamwork

Fun Team Building Activities from the World's Top Team Building Company!

There is a reason why we do more fun team activities each year than anyone else. Real team building isn't just gathering your group and playing a hokey game. (That is more likely to reduce teamwork.)

Instead, you want to create a fond memory — an experience. You want your team members to build rapport, instill teamwork, and have a lot of fun in the process.

That is why the team building company that you choose is critical to help you get the best result. If you want to reward your team and give them an experience they will cherish, you want to hire the best team building company in the world.

We can't wait to work with you!

Your Team Deserves a Unique Team Building Experiences Designed Just for Them.

Below are three of the most popular team activities that we offer. To see an overview of ALL of our fun team building activities, click here.

BuildaBike Team Building Square Thumbnail

Build-A-Bike ® Team Event

👍 Great for Large Groups as a Reward.
📊 Improves Communication/Problem Solving.

Build-A-Bike ® was the original charity team bike build. This has been the most popular big-group team building activity in the world for over a decade. Teams solve a series of challenges to acquire bicycle parts. Then, as a surprise ending, kids from a local children's charity arrive to help the teams build the bikes. (Very emotional ending!)

⏰ 2 Hours | 👥 24-1000+ People | ℹ More Information

Amazing Builders Custom Team Building Activity Square Thumbnail

aMAZEing Builders Team Activity

👍 Great for Groups of Any Size and Any Budget.
📊 Custom Group Activity Designed for the Needs of Your Group.

The aMAZEing Builders program is a custom charity team building activity. This activity is wildly different from the average team game because it is customized for your group! Your group is unique. Your group is amazing. Shouldn't your team activity be unique and amazing as well? You choose the item(s) that you want to donate to charity. Then our team of game creators design a team game around your donation.

⏰ 2 Hours | 👥 8-1000+ People | ℹ More Information

Poseidons Plunder Virtual Team Escape Room Square Thumbnail

Poseidon's Plunder Virtual Team Escape Room

👍 Great for Virtual Teams or Groups on a Tight Budget.
📊 Improves Remote Collaboration/Teamwork.

Shiver me timbers! Your team has uncovered a long-lost document that may finally shed some light on where Blackbeard actually hid his treasure. All you have to do is retrace his footsteps. Once you uncover all the clues, a fortune await you. This remote collaboration activity uses shared document drives and a little bit of online detective work to create a fun shared-experience for your team. It is like a historical walking tour, a tropical vacation, and a fun team activity combined into one. (Except without the sunburn.)

⏰ 1.5 Hours | 👥 4-150 People | ℹ More Information

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