Corporate Team Building Activities, Events, and Workshops to Build a Team Culture.

Corporate Team Building Activities, Events, and Workshops
There is a big difference between quality corporate team-building activities and hokey team-building games. The former can build trust and teamwork. The latter often just builds resistance. Before you start looking for an event or activity, first start by clearly identifying the purpose.

Below are a few common situations where a group might want a fun corporate team-building activity.

  • We already have a fun team culture. However, we want to add some fun to an already scheduled meeting.
  • Our team has worked very hard together. So, now we want to reward them.
  • Our team is solid. However, we experienced challenges or have new leadership. We need to regroup.
  • We have experienced significant challenges as a team. Morale has suffered. Now we want to start fresh.

Corporate Team Building If Your Team Is Experiencing Challenges or a Change in Leadership.

Let’s start with the most difficult need — If things aren’t going as we want and we want to fix them. (if this is not your team, skip down to the next area.)

Keep in mind that any group activity can be described as a “team-building activity.” However, if your team has experienced a few challenges and morale is down, many of these activities can backfire. Corporate team building doesn’t mean forcing coworkers to play games with people they don’t like or trust.

The list of corporate team building activities below are fun but they also get people to want to interact.

Does This Remind You of Your Team? ⤴
Creating a Team Culture Corporate Team Building

Creating a Team Culture (Custom Corporate Team-Building)

5-0 Stars-79 Reviews

πŸ‘ Great for Groups Looking for a Team Behavior Change.
πŸ“Š Builds Trust and Reduces Conflict.

Creating a Team Culture provides custom team-building workshop topics based on the needs of each group. Groups can choose from over 40 different one-hour modules to create the perfect custom corporate team-building workshop. You can also combine modules with a Charity Team Activity to create both a shared experience and solid team development. A complimentary virtual pre-assessment can also be scheduled to identify the best topics for your group.

⏰ 3.5 Hours to 2-Days | πŸ‘₯ 4-200+ People | β„Ή More Information

Comedy Improv Team Activity

Comedy Improv Team Training.

5-0 Stars-42 Reviews

πŸ‘ Great for Groups with Communication or Trust Challenges.
πŸ“Š Teaches Collaboration and Teamwork Through Humor.

Comedy Improvisation is a skill based on listening skills, adaptation, and creativity. As a result, people who develop this skill do very well in the business world. The training is very subtle. Your team will think they are just learning to be funny and have fun at work. However, they will also learn to build on the creativity of their teammates and be less critical. (Plus they will augh-out-loud on more than one occasion.) This is one of the more fun ways to experience corporate team-building.

⏰ 3.5 Hours to 2-Days | πŸ‘₯ 8-40 People | β„Ή More Information

Corporate Team Building to Have Some Fun or Just Reward Your Fantastic Team!.

If the main reason for a corporate team-building activity is to just add some fun, here are a few great options. Keep in mind that just inserting a fun game into an agenda can leave your team questioning the purpose.

Team leaders often make a big mistake by thinking if a little fun is good then a lot of fun is better. A single random fun icebreaker can get the team laughing and having fun. However, if you add another, then another, then another, you will get a diminishing return. That is unless there is a solid flow of purpose from one activity to the next.

For instance, in the Murder Mystery team event below, we start by teaching seven ways to communicate more effectively and listen. Then, something totally unexpected happens… One of the executives in the room dies. (Pretends to die.) Without even knowing it, the group must put the communication and listening skills into practice to solve the murder.

All of the events have a similar flow of learning to a crescendo. (That is why we get so many five-star reviews!)

Avoid This! ⤴
Charade Team Murder Mystery Event

Charade Team Murder Mystery.

5-0 Stars-17 Reviews

πŸ‘ Great for Technical Teams or Analytical Groups.
πŸ“Š Uses Puzzles and a Mystery to Increase Collaboration.

Throughout the first 30 minutes of this corporate team activity even the casual observer will notice a few odd things. However, when one of your team members is murdered, everyone in the room will realize that this meeting is different from most. As teams uncover clues and interrogate suspects, they uncover a conspirosy. Which team will be able to solve the mystery first? (This is a hilarious way to build solid teamwork. It is also very cost-effective.)

⏰ 2.5 Hours | πŸ‘₯ 20-100 People | β„Ή More Information

Camaraderie Quest Team Scavenger Hunt

Camaraderie Quest Team Treasure Hunt.

4-8 Stars-57 Reviews

πŸ‘ Great for Competitive Teams.
πŸ“Š Gets Your Team Out of the Office/Hotel to Explore the Area.

Much more than the old-fashioned team scavenger hunt, the Camaraderie Quest lets your team explore the area and build teamwork. Teams search for treasure on custom built hunt in a historical district, museum, or resort. Keep in mind that the quality of the hunt depends a lot on the selected location. (Satisfaction survey results can drop if the location or weather is bad.) However, team members access each hunt via cellphone. So, the team treasure hunts are very cost effective.

⏰ 2.5 Hours | πŸ‘₯ 6-200 People | β„Ή More Information

I'm In It to Win It Team Game Show

I’m In It to Win It Team Game Show.

4-8 Stars-28 Reviews

πŸ‘ Great for Competitive Teams.
πŸ“Š This Activity Is Built Around Competitive Fun. (No really learning here.)

Based on the NBC Game Show “Minute to Win It,” this group activity brings a lot of fast fun. Team members compete with other teams to complete challenges using everyday household items. We bring the playing cards, ping-pong balls, Solo cups, and pencils. Your team brings the competitive juices. (Very cost-effective corporate team activity.)

⏰ 2 Hours | πŸ‘₯ 12-100 People | β„Ή More Information