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Charity Team Building Events

Want to make your next team meeting an experience your team will love? Add a charity team building activity to the agenda. These games range from one to two-hours in length and the bigger the group, the better they are!

We invented the genre of charity team building events almost two decades ago. Since then, adding a philanthropic donation to the agenda of a team meeting or convention has become very common. However, meeting organizers will sometimes overlook a very important aspect of a charity team activity. What makes them fun?

Building bikes or stuffing backpacks in and of itself is just manual labor. (That isn't what makes events like these fun.) The team games that are inserted to create a team challenge is what makes activities like this a crowd favorite.

And we have the best team building games in the business!

Our Experts Will Design a Custom Charity Team Building Activity for Your Group.

To make sure the event is fun and entertaining, each activity has a few key steps.

  1. Introduction (5 min.): A simple introduction to let the group know the purpose of the activity and what will be done.
  2. Ice Breaker (5-15 min.): People learn faster when they are having fun. Our instructors start with a fun team activity to get the team laughing and enjoying the program.
  3. Team Forming Activity (15-30 min.): The big group is divided into smaller teams. These new teams work together to gain an advantage over the other teams in the next activity.
  4. The Charity Activity (30-45 min.): Teams must earn the materials that will be used to construct the donated item. They will feel more of a sense of accomplishment as a result.
  5. The Charity Donation (5-15 min.): The items are donated to a local charity. Often, recipients are given the items personally by the teams who built them.
Important Steps in a Charity Team Building Activity

A Few of Our Most Popular Philanthropic Events.

BuildaBike Team Building Square Thumbnail

Build-A-Bike ® Team Event

👍 Great for Large Groups as a Reward.
📊 Improves Communication/Problem Solving.

Build-A-Bike ® was the original charity team bike build. This has been the most popular big-group team building activity in the world for over a decade. Teams solve a series of challenges to acquire bicycle parts. Then, as a surprise ending, kids from a local children's charity arrive to help the teams build the bikes. (Very emotional ending!)

⏰ 2 Hours | 👥 24-1000+ People | ℹ More Information

The Ace Race Golf Event for Charity

The Ace Race ® Golf Team Building

👍 Great for Competitive Groups.
📊 Builds Camaraderie and Adds a Ton of Energy to a Meeting.

The Ace Race ® is a mini-golf team building activity for charity. All you need for this entire event is a big empty space. Your group will design and build an entire miniature golf course in the meeting room. The catch is they create the course out of non-perishable food items like canned goods and macaroni and cheese boxes. Once built, teams race to get holes-in-one on each hole. (Very action-packed!)

⏰ 2 Hours | 👥 40-1000+ People | ℹ More Information

Rescue Bear Teddy Bear Team Building

Rescue Bear ® Teddy Bear Team Building

4-8 Stars-27 Reviews

👍 Great for Groups of Any Size and Any Budget.
📊 Improves Communication and Collaboration.

Rescue Bear ® is a combination of a solid team building workshop and a charity team building activity. We lead a subtle (and very funny) activity that sorts the group by personality temperament. Then, each group is given challenges based on the core strength of their personality. The ultimate conclusion is that the sum of all of the strengths is greater than each individual team member.

⏰ 2 Hours | 👥 15-1000+ People | ℹ More Information

Amazing Builders Custom Team Building Activity Square Thumbnail

aMAZEing Builders Team Activity

👍 Great for Groups of Any Size and Any Budget.
📊 Custom Group Activity Designed for the Needs of Your Group.

The aMAZEing Builders program is a custom charity team building activity. This activity is wildly different from the average team game because it is customized for your group! Your group is unique. Your group is amazing. Shouldn't your team activity be unique and amazing as well? You choose the item(s) that you want to donate to charity. Then our team of game creators design a team game around your donation.

⏰ 2 Hours | 👥 8-1000+ People | ℹ More Information

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