Rev Up the Fun: Marmon Holdings’ Bike-Building Bash in Chicago!

marmon-holdings-build-a-bike-event-chicago-ilMarmon Holdings, the global industrial sensation under Berkshire Hathaway Inc., revved things up at a Build-A-Bike® team building extravaganza in the lively city of Chicago. Picture this: 15 cool cats, including lean operations experts from all corners, came together for a wheelie good time!

With tools in hand and excitement in their eyes, these pros gathered at the Marmon Holdings facility, ready to collaborate, share ideas, and boost their teamwork mojo. Chicago provided the perfect backdrop for their gear-filled adventure.

But here’s where it gets extra special: They didn’t just build bikes for the thrill of it. Oh no! They unleashed their inner heroes and donated those two-wheeled wonders to the Union League Boys & Girls Club. Can you hear the cheer? Those kiddos were in for a whirlwind of joy and freedom on their new rides!

Engineers Build Bikes for Kids in Chicago, IL.

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Let’s give a thunderous round of applause to Marmon Holdings for their devotion to team building and community love. Their donation will make hearts race and smiles shine on the faces of the young boys and girls they serve. And a big thank you to the Union League Boys & Girls Club for their tireless efforts in supporting the local community.

So, folks, fasten your helmets, pump those pedals, and get ready for a high-octane adventure in team building. Marmon Holdings has shown us the way, and together, we’ll pedal our way to greatness!

Keep the wheels spinning and the good vibes rolling!