Ultra Mobile’s Unforgettable Build-A-Bike® Adventure in Costa Mesa, CA

Ultra Mobile's Unforgettable Build-A-Bike® Adventure in Costa Mesa, CAThirty-five enthusiastic participants from Ultra Mobile embarked on an unforgettable adventure during the Build-A-Bike® team building event in Costa Mesa, CA. Their mission? To conclude their conference on a high note while making a positive impact in the community.

Ultra Mobile, the wireless service superhero, has a goal to provide accessible and affordable connectivity for all. With the mighty T-Mobile 5G Network by their side, they offer a range of plans tailored to suit diverse communication needs. From unlimited talk, text, and data plans to pocket-friendly options, they’ve got everyone covered.

Ultra Mobile’s Uniting Mission in Costa Mesa, California

As the curtains drew close on the conference, Ultra Mobile’s sales and operations teams joined forces in a thrilling team-building activity. Their goal was not only to strengthen bonds but also to give back to the community they hold dear.

With contagious enthusiasm, the participants discovered they would be donating their hand-assembled bicycles to South Coast Community Services. This incredible organization provides crucial mental health services and support to under-resourced adults and children. The chance to make a difference in a charity that often faces limited donations added an extra layer of excitement and motivation for the Ultra Mobile team.

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Ultra Mobile’s incredible generosity warrants our heartfelt appreciation. Their contribution to South Coast Community Services will make a significant difference in the lives of under-resourced adults and children.