5 Reasons to Hire a Team Building Company That Comes to You


What are the best corporate team building activities? The answer is simple: the ones put on by a team building company that comes to you!

Just think about it… at your next team retreat or national sales meeting (the one you’ve been planning for a year already), you’ll finally have all your team members in the same place. It’s the perfect opportunity to foster team spirit and build genuine connections. The last thing you want to do, then, is have them go to an entirely different location. In fact, it’s more likely that you’d have to skip the team building part altogether if it presents a major inconvenience.

Many of the best team building companies know this, actually. That’s why they’ll happily bring their instructors and materials to your event instead of the other way around.

By choosing to have experts come to your location, you can leverage the comfort and familiarity of your own environment—whether that’s your HQ’s city or the HQ building itself. Or, if you’ve chosen to take your team to a fun new locale, you’ll want to center your event around that city as much as possible. It wouldn’t make sense to send the team to a fun corporate retreat in a fancy hotel in Orlando just to have them leave that venue to go do even the best team building activities for an hour or two.

By the way, many of the best team building games are in-person. While some virtual team building games can certainly be fun, there’s so many more benefits to running an event in-person.

So in today’s blog post, we’ll go over the 5 biggest reasons you should hire a team building company that comes to you.

Reason #1: You Can Do Team-Building Events for Massive Groups

When organizing a team building event, the logistical challenge of accommodating everyone can be daunting.

Small teams are manageable, but just imagine trying to corral a group of anywhere from 100 to 1000 people. A good team building company that comes to you will employ professional instructors who are highly experienced in dealing with large groups. They also know exactly how long their events should run for, which makes it easy for you to incorporate into your existing schedule. It’ll completely eliminate the stress of coordinating venues, dealing with technology, and scheduling.

In general, an in-person event at your venue of choice will make it easier for any group size. Here’s how:

No Virtual Shenanigans:

Going virtual might seem like an easy way to do team building, but remote teams bring more limitations than you think. Could you imagine trying to fit even 20 employee’s webcams on a single laptop screen? That’s no way to unite the team! An onsite team building company effortlessly handles groups of any size, from small groups to gatherings of 1000 employees. This approach eliminates the technical glitches and engagement barriers of online meetings, making sure everyone is part of the action.

Customized Engagement for Every Participant:

One of the challenges of large or virtual team building events is ensuring that every participant feels included and engaged. An onsite team building service provides the unique advantage of being able to interact directly with individuals, tailoring activities to engage everyone. This personal touch guarantees that even the most reserved team members have a meaningful experience.

Adapt on the Fly:

The dynamics of a team building event can change rapidly, with the energy of the group fluctuating throughout the activities. A team building company that comes to you has the unique ability to adapt activities in real-time, ensuring the event remains dynamic and engaging for everyone. This responsiveness is a key advantage, enabling the facilitator to pivot as needed to keep energy levels high and ensure that the event is a success for all participants.

Reason #2: They’ll Help You Maximize Your Local Environment

The advantage of bringing a team building company directly to your location is unparalleled, especially when it comes to leveraging the charm of your city or surroundings. This approach allows teams to explore and bond in their own environment (or a fun locale), transforming the streets and landmarks into exciting arenas for adventure and discovery. By customizing activities to the local setting, participants enjoy a richer, more meaningful experience that strengthens connections and fosters team spirit.

City-Specific Adventures:

Imagine the thrill of team building scavenger hunts through the heart of your city, where each clue leads to a new discovery about the place you thought you knew. Likewise, if you’re bringing the team to one of many major cities like New York City, it’s a great way to learn the history and culture. This isn’t just about solving puzzles; it’s about seeing your environment in a new light and bonding with your team over shared experiences.

Custom Challenges That Highlight Local Culture:

Every city in North America has its own personality, history, and charm, and a team building company that comes to you can create challenges that showcase these unique features. Whether it’s a race through historical landmarks, a culinary challenge inspired by local cuisine, or a problem-solving mission that incorporates city-specific trivia, these activities deepen participants’ connection to their community. It’s an innovative way to encourage team collaboration while also celebrating the distinctiveness of your local environment.

Explore and Bond:

Beyond just team building, these activities offer a chance to explore and appreciate the nuances of your city. From hidden gems to popular landmarks, participants engage with their surroundings in ways they never have before, promoting a sense of wonder and curiosity. This exploration fosters a deeper bond among team members as they share in these new experiences, making the team building event not just educational but truly impactful on a personal level.

Reason #3: In-Person Activities Have Much Greater Impact

Having a team building company come to you makes a huge difference in engagement. These activities, designed to be experienced live and with direct interaction among participants, offer a depth of engagement that virtual events simply cannot match. This hands-on approach not only boosts team spirit but also enhances the effectiveness of the team building exercises, ensuring that the lessons learned and the connections made are both profound and lasting.

Philanthropy Meets Teamwork:

A memorable way to put on a team building event is through charity-driven activities. Charity team building events for children in need, such as Build-A-Bike®, offer a tangible sense of accomplishment and fosters a deep sense of team unity. This experience goes beyond typical team building by connecting the team’s efforts to a meaningful cause. The result is a fun team building activity that doubles as a powerhouse of emotional impact. As participants work together to achieve a common goal, they not only develop their teamwork skills but also share in the joy of making a real difference in the community. A team building company that comes to you will help facilitate the materials for donation and can even coordinate with local charities to create an unforgettable experience.

Collaborative Problem Solving:

Participating in a live-action murder mystery, for example, requires a level of collaboration and communication that virtual formats can’t replicate. Teams must work closely, piecing together clues and solving puzzles in real time, which sharpens their problem-solving and critical thinking skills. This immersive experience also encourages team members to leverage their unique strengths and perspectives, fostering a sense of inclusivity and mutual respect that strengthens the team’s overall dynamic.

Live, Dynamic Interaction:

The excitement of participating in a game show team building activity with your colleagues is unmatched in its ability to energize and engage. Team building games based on game shows require quick thinking, teamwork, and a competitive spirit, all happening in the moment. Most of all, you’ll want a professional team building company who has tested these games with groups time and time again (nothing is worse than making up an event that ends up being a flop). The immediate feedback and interaction foster an environment of enthusiasm and camaraderie, making for an unforgettable team building experience that participants will talk about long after the event has concluded.

Reason #4: Gain the Invaluable Benefits of In-Person Interaction

The decision to have a team building company come to your location rather than opting for a virtual event brings with it the invaluable benefits of in-person interaction. This format fosters genuine connections and spontaneous engagement that are often lost in translation on digital platforms. The richness of face-to-face communication enhances understanding, trust, and collaboration among team members, laying a strong foundation for a cohesive and dynamic team environment.

Authentic Connections:

In-person events create a space for authentic, unscripted interactions that are crucial for building trust and rapport within a team (these moments are where the true benefits of team building arise). The subtleties of body language, tone of voice, and facial expressions add depth to communication, allowing team members to connect on a more personal level. These real interactions form the cornerstone of strong working relationships, facilitating a better understanding and appreciation of each other’s perspectives and strengths.

Deeper Relationships and Communication:

The direct interaction that comes with in-person team building activities enables team members to communicate more effectively, both verbally and non-verbally. Being in the same physical space encourages open dialogue and fosters a sense of belonging and unity. This environment promotes deeper relationships, as team members can directly address misunderstandings, share experiences, and support one another in ways that virtual platforms cannot accommodate.

Memorable Shared Experiences:

Participating in shared activities and facing challenges together in a physical setting creates memories that bond a team in a unique way. These shared experiences become a part of the team’s collective memory, contributing to a stronger team identity and spirit. The sense of accomplishment and fun that comes from overcoming obstacles and celebrating successes together in person is a powerful way to boost morale.

Reason #5: Professional Facilitates Can Build a Stronger Team Spirit Onsite

The presence of a team building company at your location offers a unique opportunity to cultivate a stronger team spirit through immersive and interactive experiences. This direct, onsite approach allows for the introduction of dynamic icebreakers, collaborative challenges, and meaningful activities that are specifically designed to enhance team cohesion and spirit. These experiences not only bring teams closer together but also foster a positive and productive work environment, reinforcing the value of teamwork and shared goals.

Icebreakers That Actually Work:

Beginning an event with engaging icebreakers in a physical setting sets a positive tone, helping to lower barriers and encourage open communication from the start. These activities are designed to be fun and inclusive, ensuring that everyone feels comfortable and part of the group. Best of all, they’re effective for both large companies and smaller groups alike. By starting on such a positive note, the stage is set for a team building event that is more likely to result in genuine connections and a strengthened team spirit.

Impactful Team Building:

Onsite team building activities, especially those with a charitable component, have a profound impact on team dynamics and morale. Working together to achieve a goal for the benefit of others brings a sense of shared purpose and achievement that is incredibly bonding. This not only enhances the team spirit but also instills a sense of pride in their collective effort, making the experience meaningful and memorable for all involved.

Foster a Collaborative Culture:

The experiences and lessons learned from onsite team building activities translate directly into the workplace, promoting a culture of collaboration and mutual support. As team members learn to communicate more effectively, trust each other, and work towards common goals, these behaviors become ingrained in the team’s daily interactions. This transformation fosters a more cooperative and harmonious work environment, where teamwork and shared success are valued and celebrated.


In conclusion, the decision to hire a team building company that comes to you for your next corporate event isn’t just a logistical preference. The best corporate events are those that take place in person, allowing you to cultivate a vibrant, cohesive team culture. Team building retreats are not easy to organize, and good team-building companies know this—that’s why they know the best thing is to bring their own professional speakers to your conference room or venue.

Not only that, there are several benefits to using your environment, whether you’re in the bay area of San Francisco or the hometown of your headquarters. It allows for a wide variety of team building activities and unique activities that you simply can’t get from virtual team building.

By choosing to bring the team building experience to your doorstep, you’re not just planning an event. You’re investing in the long-term success and well-being of your team. The memories created, the bonds formed, and the lessons learned during these activities will resonate far beyond the confines of the event itself, contributing to a healthier, more productive workplace culture. Ultimately, the investment in bringing a team building company to you is an investment in the heart of your organization—its people.